John Colebourn

Storyboard Artist, London, UK

An artist with a passion for film and visual storytelling, with over 10 years experience working sequentially.

John has over 10 years experience producing storyboards and illustrations in feature films, commercials and within the gaming industry.

Recently, he has worked with acclaimed directors, Ron Howard (‘Rush’, ‘In The Heart Of The Sea’) and Joss Whedon (‘Avengers’, ‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’) for two major studios, Warner Bros. and Lucas Film on upcoming titles, 'Justice League' and 'Untitled Han Solo Star Wars Anthology Film'. John has also storyboarded for Warner Bros on the upcoming feature, ’Tomb Raider’ starring Alicia Vikander.

In March this year, John worked for talented British Director, Jon S. Baird on ‘Stan and Ollie’. Aka, Laurel and Hardy starring popular British comedic actor Steve Coogan, together with John C. Reilly and Danny Huston. In the summer / autumn of 2016, John worked with another talented British Director, Otto Bathurst, storyboarding for the future 2018 release of the classic cult story, ‘Robin Hood’ starring Taron Egerton and Jamie Foxx.

John initially gained his experience storyboarding Short Films, and Commercials, having worked with top commercial directors such as, Harmony Korine, Jarred Hess, Tom Kuntz, Ivan Bird, Fredrik Bond, Jeff Labe and Nicolai Fuglsig to name a few. He's worked for top production houses such as MJZ, RSA, Rattling Stick, Passion Pictures, Sonny London.

Other clients include advertising agencies such as Ichi, Huge and R/GA, and since 2011, John has often worked alongside the creative minds at Microsoft Horizon, producing storyboards for interactive gaming experiences and client based work shops for Microsoft's new augmented reality device HoloLens.

John can produce visually striking storyboards, from loose sketches to detailed renderings for any given project. His love for film, comic art and graphic novels have a clear influence, and his quick production rate is always seen as an asset.


  • Storyboard Illustration


  • Traditional Pencil Illustration
  • Photoshop